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Lorick Stables is located in beautiful Youngstown, just a few miles from Canada in Western New York State. The shores of Lake Ontario are just across the street. The horses truly love it here!

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We take pride in our gorgeous horses and we are dedicated to their care training and future. All of our horses are registered with their respective Breed Registries and those in our Show String are recorded with the United States Equestrian Federation and The International Friesian Show Horse association.

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Each of our horses has a dedicated page where you can keep up on their progress and see their latest pictures.

Our horses have won World Championship titles in most disciplines and are guided and nurtured towards their individual strengths and talents.

We offer horses for sale from prospects to made show Champions.


This is our story…

It felt like a scene from the old movie “Lost Horizon”. It was mid February and we had been driving for hours in a blinding snowstorm. When we finally popped out of the latest snow squall… there it was, bathed in blue sky and sunlight…the equestrian Shanghai-La… Lorick Stables. Sounds corny but true… and awesome sight. But the awe was just the beginning.

A little background first. Our STER mare GiGi (Aka Giselle GF) had won the Dream Gait Friesian Driving Cup Championship in the 2017 fall Keuring. The unexpected relocation of our existing trainer forced us to seek alternatives. We were searching for a trainer who know and loved Friesians and who could provide her with consistent top quality training under saddle and driving, who could develop her true potential. We were picky! We wanted a trainer with exceptional skill, integrity, heart, and a facility that was safe with reasonable amenities. That led us to Gareth Selwood and Lorick Stables. What we learned at Lorick is that the horse always comes first! Thus, we shipped GiGi to Lorick.

Unfortunately we were not able to visit GiGi until February 2019 in the middle of a snowstorm. Arriving at Lorick we were greeted warmly and enthusiastically. We were anxious to see GiGi and Gareth was equally anxious for us to see her. We rounded the corner and recognized her sweet beautiful face immediately, but the rest of her was jaw dropping. There she stood tall, proud, happy, and shiny black with a full mane and tail. She had a top line, hooves, and muscles. All we could say was … Oh my God! That phrase was repeated many times. What a complete transformation!

She always loved to drive but now she was different.. Relaxed, smooth, reaches, knees high, and she was happy! Under saddle, not really her favorite pastime, she was a new horse. Again, relaxed, confident, smooth transitions, and a willingness to canter and holding it, albeit a bit fast. She was really enjoying herself. Again, happy! And again all was could say was WOW… OMG! No better words seem to fit. We were obviously pleased and mesmerized.

We would be remiss to not say something about the Lorick Stables facility… OMG! The bar is set high at Lorick Stables. The unique facility design is like none other and deserved a feature article all its own. The focus is on the comfort and safety of the horse in a clean and efficient environment. As you enter the barn, the peaceful energy is palpable. You want to see more. Thirty plus happy horses, mares and stallions, engaged and curious as you walk down the immaculate aisles. The same theme repeats itself everywhere, everything designed to where “the horse comes first”. It’s a pretty terrific place for us humans too.

Let’s not forget that it takes people to make a successful barn experience happen. Rick and Lori have assembled a professional team with extraordinary chemistry. Gareth’s vast experience translates into his innate gift with horses. GiGi is smitten with him and so willing to please. Alexis, Gareth’s young apprentice, is a strong and beautiful rider who brings her own enthusiasm to the group. The stable hands are hard working, kind, and committed to the horses.

We are so pleased with the progress GiGi has made. With her strengthened foundation we are confident she will be well prepared for the upcoming show season. Thank you Gareth, Alexis, and the entire Lorick Stables team. We felt truly honored to have the opportunity to visit Lorick Stables and blessed to have Gareth Selwood share his incredible talent with us.


Giselle GF

Whitney and Bob Caldwell

Dear Lorick Stables & Gareth Archer Selwood,
Charley & I could not have been happier when we came on board for foaling, training,
boarding, and showing with our newly purchased Annette fan’e Hamsterheide,
Model Sport Friesian mare who was in foal. They have a beautiful facility here and
take the utmost care of our horse as if it were their own. Gareth handled the birth of
our first & our second foal with the best of care. As a master trainer and teacher,
Gareth Selwood, as our horse’s trainer and Alexis Lingenfelter as his assistant
trainer we felt it was a win win combination. We were starting all over with our
new mare, but she has become a dream horse to work with. In 2 short years our
Annette has accomplished National Champion & Reserve Champion in Friesian In-
Hand, Driving and Dressage and 2018 was the Friesian Grand National Champion of
IFSHA & US Equestrian Federation. We are so proud of our mare and of our TEAM
at Lorick Stables. We would highly recommend boarding and training at Lorick
Thank you Rick Butts and Lorie Washuta for purchasing of our two colts and all your
hospitality. We can not wait to see what these two can do.
We wish you all continuing success for the future,
Brenda & Charley Roberts

DSC_0622 (3)

Annette Fan'e Hamsterheide

Brenda & Charley Roberts

It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Gareth Selwood and Lorick Stables. I sent a young stallion for driving breaking and training. The work done on the horse was exactly what I wanted. His condition and attitude were perfect. He was delivered to me is show shape and went on to win USEF Regional and National titles in just 3 months of showing. And the thing that I was most impressed with was the communication that I received. Videos and phone calls as well as emails kept me up to date on his progress. I found the stable to be run very professionally with extra care given to all the horses. As a trainer myself, I know the work that goes into this level of quality and I would gladly send another horse for training.

Karen Rock

Jay Stables



John Rock

I originally met Gareth Selwood in late 2003 when I asked him to train a young Friesian mare that was 17 hands and obnoxious.  Gareth was patient but firm, letting the mare know what was expected without being demanding.  He knew when to work and when she needed to finish the lesson and it was always on something she did well.  I always felt that Gareth has given any horse in his care the time to learn the basics before he advanced them to the next level.  In 2004, my young mare was the USEF Friesian National Champion Halter Horse and in 2005 she won her first Championship in English Show Hack at the IFSHA World and Grand National Championships.  I have since sponsored a Perpetual Trophy for this class because I was so proud of my young mare and the quality of training and care given to her by Gareth Selwood.  



Sandy Jacob

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